Strategy Workshop

A facilitator will thoroughly examine the business to uncover high level objectives, opportunities and challenges. These insights will be used to launch business plan development,  complete a grant report or undergo performance review.

Business Plan

Workshop insights are researched and then transformed into a detailed guide for success by our team of strategists. The entire business is covered from market analysis to financial forecasting to legal.  

Information Memorandum

A condensed but persuasive version of the plan is created to attract investment.

Pitch Deck

A compelling summary of the Information Memorandum for face-to-face presentations to potential investors. 

People, Culture and Performance

Our facilitated workshops, mentoring and coaching products focus on purpose, people and performance through culture, values and behaviours. Aligning senior leadership performance will enable you to bring out the best in your people and utilise their talents for exceptional outcomes. We will challenge you to think differently and bring your strategy to life to transform your business. Please note that completion of an Axito Strategy Workshop is required prior to this service.



Grant Applications

1. Business Growth Grant

Increase trade capabilities in Australian or overseas markets with access to independent advisors and matched funding of up to $20,000.

The grant funds strategic services that support human resources, internal systems, production / operations, marketing, branding and communication, financial management, exploration of new markets and intelligence, environmental sustainability, product and service development and mentoring / coaching.

For solvent, ABN registered businesses with an annual turnover between $1.5 - $100 million operating over a minimum of three years in food and agribusiness, advanced manufacturing; medical technologies & pharmaceuticals; mining equipment, technology and services; or oil, gas and energy resources.


2. Export Market Development Grant

A key Australian Government financial assistance programme that encourages aspiring and growing export-ready businesses to achieve more sustainable international sales with a reimbursement of up to 50% for promotional expenses up to $150,000 for no more than an 8-year period.

Eligible activities must provide a net economic benefit to Australia. They include overseas representatives, marketing visits, free samples, trade fairs, seminars, in-store promotions, overseas buyers, promotional literature, marketing consultants, advertising registration and insurance of intellectual property.

Both trusts and businesses alike with an income of less than $50 million can claim but must hold principal status of the export business and incur at least $15,000 worth of eligible export expenses under the scheme in one year or across two years for first time applicants


3. Research and Development Tax Incentive

An Australian Government program that provides a tax offset between 38.5% and 43.5% for research and development expenditure greater than $20,000.

The outcome of a project must be unknown in advance and involve a hypothesis followed by genuine experimental activity in the pursuit of new findings. Eligible activities include contract expenditure incurred using a research service provider, expenditure incurred under contract to other parties, salary expenditure, other research and development expenditure, expenditure on overseas activities, and research and development expenditure paid to an associate in the claim year, unless already claimed under another provision in the year the amount was incurred.

Businesses must be ACN registered and keep accurate records of research and development
activities in the income year of the application.


4. Accelerating Commercialisation

An Australian Government program that provides small and medium businesses, entrepreneurs and researches with expert advice and up to $1 million in matched funding to commercialise a novel product, process or service.

Whether you are a for-profit company registered and operating in Australia or an individual, partnership or trustee who agree to form a for-profit company, you must possess the necessary management capability and a clear execution plan. The product, process, or service itself must demonstrate a compelling value proposition for the target audience and a confirmed market opportunity external to the state or territory of your place of business with clear national benefits to Australia.


5. Client Requests

Costings to write and submit applications of your choice are available on request.



Grant Report

We search a pool of billions in Government and private funds for grants in line with your strategic objectives. This report also includes costings to write and submit applications.


Sales Agency

This service connects clients with relevant industry providers who have the capability to complete a supply chain need.


We can secure both equity and debt capital via introductions to our institutional and angel investors from around the world.


Case Study

According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation, there will be over 9 billion people in the world by 2050. The need for food will be 60% higher than today with meat production projected to rise by 70%, aquaculture by 90% and dairy by 55%.

Environmental science veteran, Luke Wheat, has created an innovative solution. Future Green Solutions use organic waste to farm black soldier flies for livestock and aquaculture animal feed to supply future food demand while simultaneously reducing the environmental footprint of traditional feed sources. Axito secured funding to assist with research and development and commercialisation.