Strategy & Business Planning

Our team of consultants works with you to review your strategic direction, offering industry expertise designed to help you optimize your resources and manage costs. We also work with you to formulate or restructure your business planning, to put you on the right track to consistent business growth. We also provide timelines, projections and milestones to give you greater clarity.

Axito works with both existing businesses and new startups, providing you with a robust assessment of your business landscape and helping you to hone strategies which will give you the leading edge.

From analysing the impact of market shifts and competitor initiatives, to reviewing resource allocations and dynamic customer requirements, our highly experienced team of expert strategists will be your partner in success.

  • Business discovery and modeling
  • Strategic planning and SWOT analysis
  • Market and competitor research
  • Cost and resource allocation
  • Business and financial projections
  • Management systems and processes
  • Business Coaching & Training
  • High-Impact Introductions
Grants & Capital Raising
  • Capital Raising
  • Government Grant Funding
  • Research & Development Tax Incentive
  • and much more...

We hone your financial edge by utilising our resources and networks to secure financial incentives and business loans from various Government and corporate business initiatives, each designed to give a leg up to SMEs and startups.

Through Axito’s extensive networks of HNW individuals, family offices, institutions, wholesale and retail investors, Axito has access to a plethora of early stage, growth, private equity and venture capital. Our investors are positioned around the globe and through Axito’s business development managers, we are constantly in touch with our investors to present early stage and growth stage companies for their consideration and investment. Our team have worked with several of the most prestigious investment banks in the world such as Deutsche Bank, Royal Bank of Canada and Nomura, just to name a few.

We are also well positioned within government agencies, think tanks, universities, VC incubators and accelerators who are always looking for the next “unicorn”. It is through these relationships that we can provide experienced mentoring, guidance and expertise as well as critical path assessment and capital funding. Please contact us to see if your company or project meets our investment criteria.


We help you determine the best market positioning strategies for your business, each designed to build brand awareness & loyalty while enhancing market acceptance.

For new businesses, we design innovative market targeting strategies that will make people sit up and take notice. For existing businesses, we fine-tune strategies, research new possibilities and carefully monitor feedback to help you continually evolve and expand.

We are able to help you build effect marketing campaigns across both traditional and digital strategies and platforms. From brand building and loyalty positioning to lead generation and profiling, you now have the means to put your business on its rightful pedestal.

We’ll also help you track campaign analytics, so you can understand how your strategies are performing and their return on investment.

  • Brand development
  • Strategic market positioning
  • Content development
  • Traditional ATL and BTL advertising
  • Digital marketing on online platforms
  • Event Management
  • Marketing spend and reach analytics
  • Business registration
  • Financial Planning
  • Local Market Research
  • Logistics Management
  • Business to Government Relations
  • IP Protection
  • Management / Staff Training

When your business is ready to expand further, we can show you how.

Our network of business partners throughout Australia, as well as our long-standing affiliations with many leading companies in Asia, provides us the framework to help you create new markets for your products and services. Our directors also sit on the boards of many international companies, strengthening our business relationships and reinforcing our global expertise.

From export to burgeoning off-shore markets, to analysis of distinctive market potential and exploring prospective business partnerships with local industries, we offer our expert consultancy from development to execution, helping you grow your regional footprint in the process.

Whether you are looking to extend your operations locally, or looking to capitalise on business opportunities in China, Singapore, and Indonesia and beyond, we have the means to help you catapult your operations to the world.