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Sustainability Overview

Taking steps to address and improve your businesses environmental impact is not just for tree-huggers and hippies – it makes great business sense. 

Axito’s environmental management services provide your business with an overview of your businesses impacts and identify win-win-win solutions that transform your business and brand into one that both your customers and staff will love and commit to and that will help you unlock the potential for innovation in your business and achieve real cost savings. To achieve this we have developed a cyclic 4 stage process that, when followed, orientates a business towards sustainable outcomes and can take a business rapidly towards its environmental goals.


The 4 Stage Process begins with the Environmental Audit, follows with Environmental Policy Development and Development of an Environmental management System and culminates in an Environmental Action Plan & Recommendations to improve your businesses environmental impact.

Why would your business want to pursue sustainability?

The business benefits from tackling sustainability go well beyond the environmental good that can be done.  Most businesses report at least some of the following additional benefits after going through sustainability change programs:

Reduced Costs

  • Eliminate waste & find efficiencies
  • Enviro-friendly options are often more cost effective than traditional solutions across multi-year analysis

Increased Sales

  • Access new markets
  • Become a supplier of choice
  • Greater customer/client attraction and retention powers
  • Increase sale value (through increased desirability)

Unlocked Innovative Potential

  • Challenges management, design and service departments to find greater efficiencies

Improved Corporate Branding

  • Be seen as a proactive corporate citizen
  • Get recognized with corporate awards for environmental excellence
  • New marketing opportunities

Meet Regulatory Requirements

  • Many industries have detailed environmental requirements that must be adhered to, others may face regulation in the future

Reduced Risk

  • Reduce likelihood of litigation and service disruption

Improved Staffing

  • Greater staff attraction, retention and motivation

Less Headaches

  • Motivated staff, happy customers and a welcoming community ease management difficulties


Greater Profits

  • Lower costs, higher sales and a motivated, experienced and innovative workforce drive enviro-friendly organisations towards results out of reach of their peers.


Sustained Competitive Advantage

  • Build innovative systems and a corporate reputation that others cannot possibly imitate.

The Full Axito Environmental Service Suite: