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Strategy Overview


Having a well-defined and documented business strategy is an essential component of any successful business operation but it is amazing how many businesses struggle along without one. Our business strategy services are designed to review your existing strategic direction and lend our insights to sharpening your businesses approach and giving it the extra edge. If your strategy is lacking or ill defined we will work with you to build out your goals, document your strategy, and make sure there is a strong alignment between your strategic goals, capabilities and strategy for realising them.

Our Business Strategy Services

“If I had just 9 hours to chop down a tree I would spend the first 6 sharpening my axe” - Abraham Lincoln

Full Business Discovery Session (1/2 Day)

The full business discovery session takes an overview of your entire business and captures information about all your major business functions and how they align with your strategic goals. Your progress against your goals is assessed with a gap analysis with the weak-points and hurdles holding your business back being identified and a list of solid actionable recommendations developed to help your business move forward.

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Triple Bottom Line Review & Advice (1/2 Day)

Both an alternative to and an extension of the full business discovery session the triple bottom line review and advice session is designed to identify your businesses triple bottom line, provide education around how a triple bottom line focus can benefit your business and provide a series of business recommendations with a triple bottom line focus that will help your business grow, reach its goals and improve productivity and quality.

To book your Full Business Discovery Session Click Here or contact (08) 6180 5135.

Business Strategy & Planning Program (3 x 1/2 Days)

Incorporating the Full Business Discovery Session and Triple Bottom Line Review this service extends the program by taking your business through a formal business plan development process that integrates the findings of the first two sessions into a professional integrated business plan that chart your business approach and strategy for the next 12 months to 36 months. This service is particularly designed to provide valuable assistance to start-up enterprises and those lacking an existing formally developed and documented business plan.

To book your Full Business Discovery Session Click Here or contact (08) 6180 5135.