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Traditional Media Advertising

Traditional Media Advertising

Whilst it may appear sometimes that the whole world is going digital traditional media advertising should not be ignored by businesses looking to grow and optimise their advertising spend.

At Axito we specialise in crafting holistic marketing campaigns that run across multiple medias to increase and enhance the effectiveness of the total marketing program.

We can assist with any and all of the following:

Television Advertising

 With the growth of alternative media options and the number of programs and channels television is cheaper than ever to advertise on and is still an integral component of building wider brand awareness and visibility of a companies products and services. By advertising on television on selected programs and at selected times your business will be able to capture mindshare in the target demographics and build up a greater general awareness in your products and services.

Radio Advertising

Radio is an effective and cost effective medium particularly for B2C business to reach a wider audience. With opportunities across a wide range of channels and shows radio will be an important part of your businesses wider brand awareness campaigning.

National & State Newspaper Advertising

Advertising in national, capital city and state newspapers allows a wide audience to be reached in a relatively short time and can be particularly useful when seeking to develop wider brand awareness or to promote a particular popular product or service or to promote a timed offer that could expect to garner wide attention.

Local Newspaper Advertising

A mainstay of many local and trade based businesses advertising in the local newspaper will provide benefits to your business by putting the business forward to consumers who are looking to deal with a local business or business that services their area.


Investing in magazine advertising will benefit your business owing to the ability to target magazines that are particularly relevant to your target market.

Outdoor Signage & Billboards

 Outdoor (and indoor) signage advertising is a great way of building awareness for your products and services within a selected local area.


Fliers are unaddressed pieces that can be hand delivered to letterboxes around the country and/or given out by salespeople and affiliates at tradeshows or as they go about their business.

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