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Call Tracking & Recording

People often say that 50% of your businesses marketing will be effective and 50% won't, the trouble being to identify which is which.

There is plenty of truth to this saying and who wouldn't want to take the guess work out of their marketing program, to know for sure that the advertising they were running was truly providing a great return on investment.

Now with Axito's call tracking, monitoring and recording system, developed with our technology partner MondoTalk you can.

Our system ensure that every campaign we run for your business is tracked and recorded so that its effectiveness can be esablished and a true return on investment calculation conducted. In this way, we are able to optimise our client's marketing spend and reduce the overall marketing costs of their businesses.

To learn more about how such a system could benefit you and your business in optimising your marketing spend and customer service please give us a call on (08) 6180 5135.


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