Finance Overview

Financial information is one of the most powerful yet most underutilised and misunderstood pieces of information a business has at its disposal. 

At Axito we utilise the power of financial information to increase clients knowledge to ultimately improve a business’s efficiency, productivity, profitability, cash flow and ultimately its value.

Value for Our Clients

The outcomes we achieve for our clients include: 

  • Learn from the past – the best indication of where your business is going is to understand where it has come from. We identify the financial strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats from your financial performance and develop strategies to capitalise on strengths and opportunities and mitigate weaknesses and threats. 
  • Know the direction your business is heading. We identify what changes in any area of your business will have on its financial performance and most importantly on its profitability and cash flow.
  • Cause and effect – stop being stuck not knowing what is going on. We find the questions and pain points (including those hidden to you) that need to be answered in your business and most importantly how they can be improved.
  • Resource allocation - we help you answer these questions so you can see the financial consequences (positive and negative) of investing in a new team member, asset or other form of outlay such as entering a new market or developing a new product before you make the big (or small) investment.
  • Knowledge – financial information is one of the most powerful yet misunderstood and underutilized business tools available. If you are smart enough to run your own business you are smart enough to understand financial information so you can understand and identify the key areas of your business yourself…it is easier than you think.
  • Systemise – the most powerful way to run your finance team is to have it systemised. This means your business doesn’t need to rely on expensive experts but with the knowledge acquired and systems developed within your business your finance team can produce everything you need to know about your businesses finances on a consistent basis.

Stage 1 - Deliverables

Our process is designed to achieve for our clients the results they require and desire for their business. When we know what is required we identify the deliverables to be achieved from the implementation process. These deliverables are mutually determined between Axito and your business so you know exactly what we want to achieve and why. 

Stage 2A – Business Processes

Every single transaction and action which occurs within a business has a financial impact from answering the telephone through to the performance of your employees. We capture data, analyse and then improve your business processes to ensure they are as efficient, productive and profitable as possible. 

Stage 2B - Systemise

We work with your finance team, no matter how large or small, to systemise the financial management and processes of your business. This will assist in the cash flow of the business by ensuring financial management allows cash to come into the business and stay within the business for as long as possible. Systemising allows owners and management to receive accurate and timely information to make fully informed business decisions. 

Stage 2C - Knowledge

As we have said before understanding financial information is a learnable skill. Throughout our process with the client our goal is to increase the financial knowledge and understanding of management and team members which will enhance business growth. Plus we like to think we can educate you and your team without putting you to sleep and maybe even enjoying it…

Stage 3 – Maintain & Assist

This stage is designed to ensure the business processes, systems and knowledge that have developed and learnt continue to be executed to continually improve financial performance. This means we continue to learn from the past, execute our strategies in the present and know where our future is especially in profitability, cash flow and business valuation.

Our Financial Consulting Services