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The 15 Business Success Factors

The Successful 21st Century Business

The successful 21st century business is one that focuses on the triple bottom line as a vehicle to satisfy the needs of ALL of its stakeholders and manages to bring the triple people, planet, and profit goals into balance. This will only be achieved when the following stakeholder needs are met:

Stakeholder Need
Satisfy the Needs of Owners/Investors
  • Provide a profitable return at adequate risk levels
  • Do so in an ethical manner
Satisfy the Needs of Customers & Clients
  • Provide a valued product or service at a price that offers sufficient value from its price/quality relationship
Satisfy the Needs of Staff
  • Provide adequate remuneration for the task at hand
  • Provide adequate job security
  • Provide adequate career advancement opportunities
  • Provide the flexibility required to allow ‘work’ to fit ‘life’
Satisfy the Needs of the Community
  • Provide adequate employment opportunities and financial return to the community
  • Contribute to a positive community experience and community finances
  • Be a good communal citizen
Satisfy the Needs of Suppliers/Partners
  • Make payments on tim
  • Protect partner/supplier IP, sensitive information and reputation
Satisfy the Needs of the Environment
  • Manage resources in a sustainable manner
Satisfy the Needs Executive and Management
  • Provide the opportunity to showcase skills and provide the ability to acquire new ones
  • Provide opportunities for career advancement & fair remuneration
Meet Government Needs & Regulatory Requirements
  • Obey all laws and regulations of the state the entity operates within.
  • Contribute to the provision and upkeep of government services and infrastructure by meeting taxation obligations.

Meeting and balancing all of these needs is not easy and will only be achieved by a high performing organisation.

At Axito we believe that there are 15 key characteristics that a high performing organisation will possess and each of our services is designed to help in the improvement of one or more of these factors:

Characteristics of a High Performing Organisation

Suitable Organisational Structure Democratic Decision Making Processes Information, Training & Development Systems
Informed HR Management Transcendental Purpose High Performing Staff
Environmental Management Systems Unique Selling Points Adequate Resources
Effective Marketing Accomplished Leadership Goals, Vision and Strategy
Quality Management Systems Effective Governance Effective Financial Management

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