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Our Vision, Values & Commitments

At Axito we are committed to achieving success through the betterment of Australian businesses from the intelligence, commitment and skills of our expert personnel.

Our Vision

To be a reference point for businesses seeking outstanding results that recognise the alignment between empowering people, sustaining the environment, enriching the community and maximising profitability.

Our Mission

To help businesses be the best they can be - by providing specialised services in the areas of HR, Finance, Sustainability, Marketing and Business Process Management.

Our Values

  • Act with Honesty & Integrity
  • Have Passion for what you do
  • Deliver Service Excellence
  • Practice what you Preach
  • Commit to Client Success

We commit to living these values and realising our vision and believe that fair reward will flow from these activities.

Our Commitments

  • Provide expert & specialist advice to assist businesses in being environmentally friendly, valued members of the local community, great places to work and highly profitable.
  • Provide payment terms that recognise the vagaries of business and allow our clients to balance their cash flow.
  • To lower the cost of business for our clients by offering value priced services and outsourced consulting & services at a fraction of the price of building such capabilities internally.
  • Provide access to free tools and templates to assist businesses in their operation.


  • Minimise the environmental impact of our business activities.
  • Where possible to use recycled and environmentally friendly locally sourced materials.
  • Assist staff in monitoring & reducing their own environmental impacts.
  • Support Bush Heritage Australia to maintain and preserve important Australian wilderness spaces.
  • Operate a Carbon Neutral Enterprise.
  • Provide a safe & flexible workplace that allows for work/life balance and a liveable wage.
  • Distribute a significant share of profits to the workers that generate them.
  • Allow team members paid leave to undertake charitable work.
  • Assist team members to reduce their own environmental impact by providing advice & subsidising hybrid vehicle and renewable energy purchases.
  • Support Sane Australia with a share of profits to assist in its provision of mental health services to the community.
  • To maintain fair and adequate returns to shareholders and investors for their assistance in building our business.
  • To set pricing that provides value for clients whilst allowing the business to meet its environmental, people and profit commitments.
  • To grow the business by professionally managing client needs and offering outstanding value and advice.
  • Maximise hourly productivity by utilising the latest techniques and platforms and controlling business costs.
  • Maintain Strategic Industry Alliances that allow for a fair share of the service value chain.